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Get in touch with your values

When we’re stressed out and just trying to make it through a hectic day, it’s normal to forget why we are doing all these things. In other words, we lose touch with our values. Values give meaning to our lives. They are different from goals, which are specific tasks we want to accomplish or milestones we want to achieve.

For example, say you are taking a class at a local community college. You are determined to get an “A” in the class. That’s a goal. But you have set that goal for a reason. For example, maybe you value education because it will lead to a good job that will help you better provide for your family. When a person stays in touch with their values, it motivates them to keep working toward their goals and helps them bounce back after setbacks.

Getting in touch with our values can help improve our emotional health in two key ways. First, it can help us connect a sense of purpose with our day-to-day tasks. Second, it can remind us of the important things in our life that we may be neglecting.

Try asking yourself what your values are, investigating why you carry out your day the way you do, and if there exists anyway for you to live your day-to-day more in line with your values, or for you to structure your future around your values, too. Take this a step further with our Values Assessment fillable activity, which will help you assess your own relationships to common values (family, education, etc.) and discover how your actions align with your values. 

On your own: Assess your values and confirm that your values are being prioritized

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