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Maintain a routine

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed is sticking to a schedule. During times of uncertainty, it’s easy for our eating, sleeping, and exercise routines to start to slip. When this happens, we are more likely to feel exhausted and sluggish or tense and irritable. But making and keeping a schedule can help us feel calmer and more energized for our day — here’s how:

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule. Having a regular sleep schedule can help you stay healthy and rested, even if you don’t have any fixed obligations.
  2. Maintain good hygiene. A shower, a change of clothes or a tidy room can work to welcome a new day or wind down at the end of a long one. It’s a chance to refresh, improve our mood and boost our energy.
  3. Have set meals. In times of uncertainty, some of us may be tempted to snack all day and overeat, while others might skip meals and get “hangry,” angry from being hungry. It’s a good practice to eat balanced meals at the same times each day and eat snacks in moderation in between meals. Eating with other people, too, can be a chance to unwind.
  4. Soak in some sun. Sunlight tells our bodies that it’s time to feel energized during the day. It’s important to get sunlight regularly, especially in the morning. To get your dose of vitamin D, take walks outside or sit by a bright, open window.
  5. Stay active. Exercise and physical activity make us feel better and keeps our bodies healthy. You don’t have to hit the gym — even activities like throwing a frisbee, gardening, stretching, dancing and swimming can get us moving.
  6. Keep a work “To Do” list and a Special Activities list. Keep a list of things that need to get done at work and a list of Special Activities to do at home. When you start to feel bored or sad, pull out the lists and pick one thing to do. Crossing things off these lists can give you a sense of accomplishment.

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